Kenwood Data Radios

At present, the only manufacturer offering a 'turnkey' APRS solution is Kenwood. Two radios are available: the TH-D7E - a 5 watt dual band portable; and the TM-D700E - a 50/35w mobile.

Both transceivers operate on 2m/70cms and are dual display - offering full crossband. Using an integral TNC, Packet and APRS facilities are available using simple input methods from the display and with the addition of an external GPS will provide fully automated vehicle location.

Kenwood offer an MCP (Memory Control Program) for either radio, which can be used to configure the radio using your computer. The same connection is used to connect to the internal TNC.

Programs are available from the Kenwood FTP Site However, this site is heavily used and sometimes unavailable, you can download the programs for either radio here.

Download Kenwood TH-D7E
European Version (979,296 bytes)

Download Kenwood TM-D700
International Version (1,031,295 bytes)

The Kenwood TH-D700 also provides a digipeat facility and will operate unattended. Under UK licence regulations unconnected packet is permited, allowing a network of stations to be created, but without the requirement for pre-planned routing as with fixed packet links.

Updated - 26/8/2000

A.D.Russell G0VRM/P.R.Sheppard G4EJP