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Find APRS Stations online

Using the 'http://www.findu.com' online search, you can find the latest position report from any APRS Station worldwide on the APRServe database, simply by entering the callsign (i.e. G4EJP). You can also include the SSID for mobile stations (i.e. G4EJP-9).

Alternatively, you can search by location, by entering the Latitude and Longitude (negative for southern and western hemispheres - in the format 'DD.DDDD').
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The database will return the current location shown on a map and the nearest 20 stations. You can also search for the nearest APRS Weather Station to your location and display historical data.

Latitude Longitude  
This service is currenly under development by its author, Steve Dimse (K4HG), and may subject to change. However, if the implementation on this page fails, please email the webmaster@peter-sheppard.co.uk.

If you want real-time APRS data rather than historical records, use the

Updated - 31/7/2000

A.D.Russell (G0VRM)/P.R.Sheppard (G4EJP)